Patient Testimonials

“We absolutely love Dr. Everett.  This will be our 5th child in braces and I’ll be getting Invisalign!”

– Maple Grove Parent/Patient

“Dr. O’Dell and team are fantastic!  Friendly smiles and conversation from the moment we walked in.  Dr. O’Dell connects with kids and makes them feel comfortable.  We look forward to starting our kids ortho care in the months to come at this practice.”

– Anoka Parent

“This is a wonderful orthodontics clinic. They worked well with my insurance and were all wonderful with my daughter- with a two-year plan you get to know them pretty well. I cannot recommend them enough!”

– Chantel D., Richfield Parent

“We have always loved coming here and the staff makes it a great experience for kids! Dr. Hicken is fantastic!!”

– Anoka Parent

“The staff is great!  Dr. Everett is very knowledgeable and friendly.  I look forward to my visits.”

– Burnsville Patient

“We enjoy coming here. My daughter used to get so nervous before going into a dental office & since she’s been here she is at ease & willing. Thank you!”

– Anoka Parent

“The office is very accommodating.  Dr. Everett is very professional.  He is knowledgeable in many areas in orthodontic dentistry.  He and the staff are easy to talk to.  A very positive experience.”

– Burnsville Patient

“I have been very impressed with Dr. Hicken and all of the staff at Woodlake Orthodontics. My two daughters had very complex problems in their teeth and jawlines, and Dr. Hicken used what appeared to be the best technology to fix them and make them straight and healthy in a short amount of time.  The wonderful ladies that assist Dr. Hicken with the orthodontic care really seem knowledgeable, friendly and professional as well. As an RN and mother of eight children, I am very happy with everything about our experiences at Woodlake Orthodontics and I will be having two of our other children getting their orthodontic care there as well. I really trust that they have our children’s best interests in mind as they care for them. Thank you for all you do!”

– Melissa P., Anoka Parent

“My experience at Woodlake Orthodontics has been wonderful. Dr. Hicken is really friendly and easy going. I knew exactly what my services were going to cost up front. Dr. Hicken also went above and beyond honoring a really early morning appointment request from me.”

– Kristin R., Richfield Patient

“Dr Hicken is amazing and the staff is incredible. They are very interested in explaining everything and genuinely care about their clients.”

– Mark E., Richfield Parent

“Always a fantastic experience!”

– Anoka Patient

“Staff is extremely caring about making the situation as comfortable as they can!  Also a calming environment.  Very kind about answering any questions and trying to accommodate your schedule.”

– Anoka Patient

“COMPLETELY SATISFIED. 🙂 happy with results.”

– Carol S., Richfield Patient

“We have been more than pleased with Woodlake Orthodontics.  From the first consult, to making my daughter feel comfortable and safe through several appointments.  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

– Anoka Parent

“Everyone you deal with here is amazing!! Super friendly, fun, and easily answer any questions we have!”

– Anoka Patient

“If you ever considered getting your teeth aligned, don’t hesitate.  I can’t tell you how happy I am about the results I’ve had – and I’m 54 years old!”

– Burnsville Patient

“Dr. Everett’s assistants are Amazing!!!”

– Burnsville Patient

“We have had three family members use this orthodontist and we would highly recommend them to friends and family!”

– Anoka patient

“Ever since, I needed braces Woodlake Orthodontics has been doing a great job helping me with my teeth. At first when I walked in the lobby, I was nervous but Woodlake Orthodontics made me realize, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Anyways, if your you or your child have teeth problems this may be the best place for you!”

– Kevin D., Richfield Patient

“Amazing staff!!!  Definitely made the right choice!!!!”

– Anoka Patient

“Great place to go. Helpful, friendly staff and great location.”

– Connie H., Richfield Patient

“We love Woodlake Orthodontics! We have had 2 kids in braces and other family members that have received their orthodontic care through them over the years. We are extremely happy with our care and recommend them to everyone that has an orthodontic need! Thank you Woodlake Orthodontics for such great care!”

– Anoka Parent