Teens and Orthodontics


Growing teenagers are ideal candidates for orthodontic treatment. Because the jawbones are still growing and teeth have good eruption potential, a teenager’s smile and supporting structures are quite responsive to treatment. 


Teen with invisible braces

For many treatments, it is important that treatment begin while significant growth still remains.  The usual age to begin is between 11-13 years of age.  The closer the patient is to growth cessation, the more difficult some corrections become.  No referral is required from your dentist for a free initial consultation.

Can teenagers use invisalign?

It’s common for teenagers to be treated with braces.  But did you know that many teenagers are also being treated with Invisalign?  Most common orthodontic problems can be corrected with either approach.  


To determine if your child will benefit from orthodontic treatment, we will first see you for an initial exam.  At this appointment, we will share our initial thoughts on how treatment might be accomplished, as well as give you a fairly good estimate of treatment costs and payment plan option. A second appointment allows us to take necessary orthodontic xrays, photos, and a digital scan of the teeth (no gooey impressions!!).


Average treatment times for teenagers are between 16-24 months.  Because of growth that is still occurring for younger teenagers, we can often modify the way that the jaws are growing as needed.  We sure strive to make treatment in our office a fun and enjoyable experience for all!  Our favorite part of treatment is watching how correction of the bite and smile improves self-confidence in our patients.

We are here to make teenager’s orthodontic experience as comfortable and successful as possible. Please reach out to us for more information and to schedule a free initial exam.