Braces use constant, gentle pressure, applied to your teeth over time, to move them into proper position. Your braces are at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment. While braces are available in both metal and ceramic, they all have the same goal: To correctly align your teeth and jaws for enhanced aesthetic appeal and for better oral health.


Our “Made in America” braces are unique to those used in many other orthodontic offices.  We exclusively use “self-ligating” brackets. These brackets do not require colored elastics to hold the wire in place, but instead have a small door that opens and closes to hold the wire in place.  This free-sliding technology can help reduce pressure, friction, and treatment time for our patients.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are popular with children and teens, and are smaller and more comfortable than ever before. Traditional metal braces feature two main components: the brackets that are placed on each tooth and the arch wire that is threaded through them. As the wire applies pressure to one side of the tooth, the jawbone on the other side gives way. This causes the tooth to move and new bone to grow behind it. Elastics (rubber bands) are normally used in conjunction with braces.  While the braces make the upper teeth straight and the lower teeth straight, the elastics help the upper and lower teeth fit properly together. Elastics must be worn at all times and changed at least twice every day in order to maintain the proper force.

Clear Braces

Clear (ceramic) braces are a popular choice for adults and teens that would like a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces.

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