Adults and Braces

About Adults and BracesAdult with invisible braces

Did you know?  About 30% of our patients are adults.  Some are retreating orthodontic correction from when they were younger, while others have wanted their teeth aligned for many years and are finding that the time is now right to do so.  Others have a major life event approaching, such as a wedding, and want to improve their smile quickly.  Whatever your desire, we would love to help you achieve your orthodontic goals. The majority of our adult patients choose Invisalign® for their correction, yet many still opt for more traditional braces in either ceramic or metal.  

Prior to Treatment

Before beginning orthodontic treatment, we will check first to see what underlying misalignment issues exist, and we will also check for pre-existing dental problems. We recommend that any oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease be remedied prior to orthodontic treatment.

Adult Man With Braces


We know that your time is valuable, and it’s not always easy to come to orthodontic appointments.  While some appointments must be more frequent, most Invisalign® treatment can usually be done with appointments that are 10 weeks or more apart!  And if you prefer traditional braces, those appointments are usually 8 weeks apart.  Now that’s helpful!  

We welcome patients of all ages in our orthodontic practice. Come see us for a no-cost consultation.  A referral from your dentist is not necessary.  We would love to share how we can transform your smile!